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“When I was at the crossroads of choosing a sound career, I was fascinated to see how an ordinary product transforms into an extraordinary Brand with the assistance of the creative engine called Marketing.”

Sonali Basu Roy, Marketing Manager, Bulwark Technologies

After completing her schooling at Loreto Convent and later pursuing a Hotel Management degree from Bangalore University as well as a Post-Graduate Diploma in International Marketing Management from International Learning & Management, Dubai, Sonali Basu embarked on her career in the hospitality sector. 

She later worked as a Technology Marketer in the cybersecurity domain and has never looked back since. Inspired by the massive disruptions technology is capable of offering to organizations and individuals, Sonali now aspires to make the most of the growth opportunities even as she relentlessly continues to climb up the corporate ladder.

Read edited excerpts of her interview with Digitaltech Media below.

What inspired you to join the IT industry? How do you view your journey at Bulwark Technologies?

I have always been inspired to see the massive disruptions technology brings to our lives. When I got the opportunity to be a part of the industry as a Technology Marketer, I was keen to take it up. In my 15+ years in my career, I have been able to access technology innovation while using it in the marketing field and this has been a great learning experience. As the Marketing Manager of Bulwark Technologies and spearheading the MARCOM function for several years now, my experience has been both fulfilling and enriching. Before Bulwark, I worked with leading IT Distribution players in the region and was actively involved in handling their marketing functions. 

How did you cope with the roadblocks on your path? 

A challenge that I constantly try to overcome in all my marketing initiatives is to develop accurate metrics to measure the outcome of the marketing activities about the direct sales/revenue generated from such Marcom activities. The outcome of a successful marketing campaign may not be immediate, and it takes a while to derive actual lead generation & ROI from the activity. Also, limited budgets, timeframes, and marketing perception in the industry add to the list of challenges. I also feel it is important to balance your personal & professional career. I have given much importance to a healthy work-personal life balance and have received constant support from my organization and family in achieving my goals. 

What are your views on ChatGPT: The latest Technology Buzz & its influence on Marketing?

ChatGPT can influence digital marketing in many ways. It can generate automated, customized replies to customers’ queries and craft unique content for different marketing campaigns like email marketing or social media marketing.

ChatGPT will entirely change the way we see advertising. It will evolve from the click-based form into a more nuanced and targeted form of marketing. It would become a great tool for digital marketers, SEO, and other marketing experts to incorporate frequently.

There is a huge potential for ChatGPT to significantly improve the efficiency & effectiveness of content marketing efforts by enabling the creation of quality content. This would enhance all marketers’ efficiency and save time with optimum utilization of resources, which can be dedicated to other critical areas of business.

What is your take on the IT Security Market in the Middle East? 

With the presence of a wide array of security technologies currently in the region, the selection of the right solution to address customers’ security concerns and organizational requirements is one of the biggest challenges being faced by the channel. 

We train our channel partners regularly to update them on the latest product and features, helping them to position the products based on customers’ requirements and addressing their pain areas. Channel growth & development and providing the right tools to the channel community can yield better returns. As a security-focused VAD, we know the battle is continuous and ongoing as new security breaches/discoveries emerge every moment, and we are prepared to meet such challenges with the latest niche technologies.

“Bulwark is also deploying in-country resources in other GCC countries as part of our continued and focused support to channel partners and end customers.”

How does Bulwark Technologies plan to grow & expand its presence and business in the Middle East region?

Bulwark plans to keep its channel community up to date on the specialized cutting-edge technology products and solutions and simultaneously provide world-class service to its customers. It is our continuous and ongoing effort to invest in channel initiatives, including long-term partner growth plans, partner certification, and reward programs, and channel enablement sessions. We have been empowering our channel community, which has significantly contributed to our growth & development as a value-added distributor in the region. 

Bulwark is also deploying in-country resources in other GCC countries as part of our continued and focused support to channel partners and end customers.

What do you feel has been your success mantra?

When I was at the crossroads of choosing a sound career, I was highly fascinated to see how an ordinary product transforms into an extraordinary Brand with the assistance of the creative engine called Marketing. This inspired me to be a catalyst in the formation of large brands and pursue my dreams of becoming a successful marketer in the IT segment. This enabled the development of a great passion for marketing in the IT industry, and the zeal continues to grow. Growth opportunities are enormous, and so are the challenges associated as you successfully climb the corporate ladder.

How do you look back at your journey? What are your plans for the future?

Over the last 15 years, I have had the unique opportunity of generating brand awareness for new cybersecurity technology players in the regional market and helping in the creation of brand equity for the organization as a Thought Leader in the cybersecurity domain. I have helped them devise marketing programs having a measurable mix of Direct Channels, Indirect Channels, and Digital media, collaborating at any given point of time with various partners like marketing agencies/media houses/PR agencies/Printers, etc., amidst an aggressive timeline to have the maximum impact. A planned approach helped me to quickly achieve the desired results from the Marketing campaigns for the organization and the channel community.

Technology is causing massive changes every day. My continued endeavor would be to keep myself updated with all the changes and deliver the best in my current role. I will remain agile and up-to-date on industry trends with a consistent focus on knowledge enhancement.

What are your aspirations in life?

I see myself continuing to grow in my career and taking on more responsibility within the company, by leveraging the vast expertise I’ve gained working in the technology industry over the years. I wish to effectively balance my personal and professional lives to achieve success in all spheres in the wonderful journey of life. 

Your advice for aspiring marketing leaders in the tech industry would be? One should believe in their capabilities, be a quick learner, and acquire different skills. Market trends and mentalities are changing, and there is plenty of opportunity for those dedicated and motivated. I strongly believe that passion for your job & responsibilities are correlated and can help to achieve the desired level of success within a short timeframe.

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