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CEO Story: Zakir Hussain, BD Software distribution Pvt ltd

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Zakir Hussain Rangwala, CEO, BD Software Distribution Pvt Ltd

Zakir is an enterprising and ardent business development wizard. He is an ace marketer, passionate about IT, and offering concept-based products & services. Zakir commenced his magnificent journey by selling electronic typewriters and computers (Desktop). In early 1992, he began marketing antivirus software. Since then, Zakir has been providing security solutions across India with a strong network of channel partners & distribution.

Unlike many of his peers, Zakir has focused on giving back to the community. He made this possible by extending financial aid & support to a Mumbai-based NGO-Amcha Ghar, which is committed to the upliftment & education of several young and aspiring girls. 

In an exclusive interaction with Digitaltech Media, Zakir Hussain Rangwala talks about his career achievements, challenges, and plans for BD Software in the days to come. 

BD Software distribution pvt ltd

Read the excerpts of the interview below: 

What inspired you to embark on the entrepreneurial journey?

I used to visit a company called Savex in south Mumbai and offer software to bundle with the PCs when I first began selling antivirus solutions. I grew fond of their enthusiasm and the way the firm worked. That’s how the idea of starting my venture occurred to me. In 1996 November, I founded my own software distribution firm with another partner, and together we ran the business for about 15 years. During the course, we distributed over 100 different software titles until we had to shut down the firm due to financial constraints in 2010.

I worked from 2010 to 2015, regained my passion and energy, and in 2015, re-launched BD Software Distribution Pvt. Ltd. to market cyber-security solutions across India. I strongly felt that there was a need for a national distributor who could deliver appropriate solutions to the SMB/SME market as well as to the partners who served this segment. 

What barriers did you encounter on the path to success? How did you overcome them?

After nearly 30 years in the workforce, I have realized that life is a roller coaster ride that needs to be savored at every turn. When I first established BD Software distribution Pvt ltd, I felt I had all the necessary knowledge to run the company but I also encountered several obstacles, such as demonetization in 2017, GST in 2018, and then the pandemic in 2020 & 2021.

After having dealt with these new challenges for the past six years, we have not only overcome them but continue to operate successfully, given our previous experience and motivation to survive no matter what. I believe that one must have self-motivation, energy, and faith in oneself to withstand the storms of life.

What is your success mantra to be? What sets you apart from the competition?

Transparency and a simple & straightforward approach, along with honesty, have always been my success mantras. I focus on remaining explicit about my business conditions while being straightforward in my dealings with partners and customers. 

What are your forecasts for the Indian cybersecurity market?

India is growing at a rapid pace. The fast-expanding digital requirements necessitate greater computerization, devices, and so on. It is also fuelling cybercrime since many first-time users and businesses are going digital but aren’t well-versed in cyber security. Hence, cybersecurity as a sector will continue to grow in India. From entry-level to enterprise-level security solutions, there is a massive market out there where demand is constantly rising. India is also set to become the largest market for cyber security education.

Have you recently completed your sixth year in the IT industry? How do you reflect on your journey, and what are your plans for growing your company? 

The last six years have been a roller coaster ride, and I would love to keep it that way. It helps me to remain motivated and do things my way. I also recognize that the journey would not have been possible without the support of my co-workers, who share my dream and enthusiasm for taking the firm to the next level.

At BD Software, I feel we are ready for the next growth phase and have already started moving in that direction. We are continuously revising our plans to make things better for everyone involved. 

You’ve started an initiative to help young girls with their education and living. Can you throw more light on this decision?

When I started BD software, I received immense support from my team, colleagues, and a few partners. We started from the ground up, battling and pesevering on our way to success. However, I always had this unfulfilled desire to help others despite my busy schedule. 

Sometime back, I became acquainted with Amcha Ghar, a Mumbai-based NGO that ran an orphanage for 25 young girls as well as a school near Uttan. These girls were quite ambitious, and each aspired to take up different professions, viz. doctor, pilot, lawyer, etc. But they needed appropriate financial assistance. We decided to expand our BD family and assumed responsibility for their needs. It was not just mine but the entire team’s decision. We have been supporting them for over a year now and will continue to do so in the future.

Could you elaborate more on your life objectives and aspirations?

I enjoy traveling and will continue to do so as much as possible. I don’t make grand plans and instead live each day as it comes. I would continue to help as many girls as possible since that is what our country truly needs at the moment.

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