Online Scammers Find Their Target in Social Media Platforms


Social media scam reports have seen a surge over the last few years in India. One in four cases of financial fraud reported in the country in 2020, were related to social media scams, according to data from the law enforcement. The recent reports of audio snooping on social networking app Clubhouse in February 2021 made it clear that apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok, can become breeding grounds for scammers. Based on his extensive research into scams on social media platforms, Satnam Narang, Staff Research Engineer – Tenable tries…

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Challenges CXOs tackle to support businesses under the remote working model

CXO Challenges

During this rapid-moving COVID-19 pandemic, companies are facing huge challenges. In these conditions, CXOs are performing a central role in smooth operation of their business. The pandemic has hastened the digital transformation of business and the speed of technology adoption. During this pandemic, several changes have been carried out to work and act on technology. And because technology binds so much of every company together, CXOs are having a difficult time thinking about how to manage the business. Navigating these unpredictable times requires leaders to be active and nimble while…

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IT Leaders Celebrate the Contributions and Success of CIOs on CIO Day

Happy International CIO Day

Given their zeal and ability to accelerate digital transformation for their enterprises, CIOs deserve a special day that recognizes their efforts and contributions in helping companies scale their operations. It is this idea that gave birth to the concept of CIO Day. Every year, CIO Day is held on the 25th of April to recognize and celebrate the contributions and achievements of CIOs in the growth and long-term success of their country. The first CIO day was celebrated on the 25th of April in 2013, following which every year CIOs…

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Feature-Rich Realme 360-Degree Smart CCTV Camera Is A Must at Your Home

Realme 360-Degree Smart CCTV Camera

Realme 360-Degree Smart CCTV Camera Review Realme is continuously annexing its new products to the IoT portfolio in India. The latest and the most exhilarating unveil at the IFA 2020 event with its two most exciting additions- the Realme Smart Cam 360 and the Realme Smart Bulb. The feature-rich Realme 360-Degree Smart CCTV Camera is a must-have device at your home. The Cam is the brand’s first affordable entry-level surveillance camera for office and home use that comes equipped with savvy-tech features. The most gratifying feature of the Realme security…

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Best Tech Toys and Gadgets You Can Gift To Your Kids

Tech Toys and Gadgets

Technology and kids is an apprehension we often see nowadays. A toddler carrying a tablet, an infant with a phone in her mouth, what’s new? At one point, parents have great concern over gadgets to alleviate their kids and as an educational and entertaining tool. But later on, it becomes an alarming sight. The boundaries between what is connected to the internet and what is a regular toy or gadget are very complex for kids. Technology is not the sufficient or necessary condition for toys to be fun. But with…

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Fujitsu and Trend Micro Announce a Collaboration to Secure Private 5G Networks

Fujitsu and Trend Micro

In order to secure private 5G networks, Fujitsu Limited and Trend Micro Incorporated have announced a collaboration. The companies will demonstrate the effectiveness of Trend Micro’s security by using a simulated smart factory environment and an operational Fujitsu environment prior to the product’s public availability. Private 5G network technology is seen as the catalyst for true smart factories globally. Connectivity and automation will link factory devices and business applications, improving production capabilities and overall factory performance. There is however an urgent need to implement cyber security measures to secure private…

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Dell Technologies recognizes Cloud Box Technologies at the 2021 MERAT Partner Awards

Cloud Box

At the recently concluded 2021 MERAT Partner Awards, Cloud Box Technologies (CBT) has been awarded the ‘Excellence in New Business Development’ by Dell Technologies. An IT services specialist in the UAE, CBT has put into tapping green field opportunities and making a significant contribution to incremental business. The award is a part of a yearly partner program that Dell Technologies organizes to recognize and award its partners in the MERAT region. The recognition is indeed a huge win for CBT as it was pitted against key IT organizations in the…

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Eaton helping Customers Optimize their Data Centers and Businesses


Datacenters today are the backbone of any business. Every vendor today looks to offering innovative, mission-critical solutions that obtain higher availability systems, improve efficiency and offer flexible, scalable solutions that meet the specific needs of businesses. Currently, Indian data centers have 250 to 300 MW of power and this is expected to grow to 550 to 600 MW by 2025. As per industry experts, it is estimated that by 2027, data centers across the globe will account for 3% of the global energy use and 2% of greenhouse gases and…

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ISODA Urges Maha Government to Include IT Goods and Services in Essential Services List


In the wake of the recently announced lockdown to curb the coronavirus-led pandemic, members of the ISODA (Infotech Software Dealers Association) have requested the government to include Information Technology and Security Goods and Services in the Essential Services list. The Maharashtra government announced a lockdown with effect from 4th April 2021 amidst the second wave of the COVID 19 pandemic. While the association has welcomed the government’s decision to impose strict measures to curb the second wave of the pandemic, it has also urged the authorities to pay heed to…

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Realme Announced Watch S Series – What’s In-Store?

Realme Watch S

Realme has announced Realme Watch S series consisting of two smartwatches, realme Watch S Pro and the realme Watch S with a round dial. Both the smartwatches have a fashionable and trendy design with premium displays and Auto Brightness Screen. The realme Watch S Series is also provided with health monitors such as a real-time monitor for blood oxygen saturation and for monitoring heart rate to keep track of your health and warn you in case of unexpected activity. The watch S series can receive nearly all app notifications and…

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