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ASIRT Conducts 110th Techday, Commemorates Founding Members


“ASIRT is now a family of 245 members growing daily, with a cumulative turnover of 5,000 Crores.”

The Association of System Integrators and Retailers in Technology (ASIRT) recently conducted its flagship Information Exchange Monthly Event, the marquee 110th TECHDAY, at Hotel Hilton, Mumbai International Airport. The gathering commemorated the Original Founding Members while also celebrating the 11th Anniversary of ASIRT.

Down The Memory Lane 

Sanjay Ruparel – President of ASIRT, took the gathering for a walk down memory lane, reminiscing the conceptualization and formation of the organization and how far they have come in the past decade; he beamed with pride while announcing that ASIRT is now a family of 245 members growing daily, with a cumulative turnover of 5,000 Crores. The crowd applauded the organization for having carved a niche in Collaboration and Business Growth amongst the Mumbai Channel Community. 

The Founding ASIRT Board – 2012

Presentations By The Silver Sponsors

OneHash, a Unified solution containing Sales CRM, Customized ERP, Accounts, Stock Information, and Interactive Live Chat, was the 1st Silver sponsor for the day. Manas Jha, the co-founder of OneHash, presented to the audience. He was followed by the 2nd Silver sponsor, Xcitium, and their distributor Syscom. Dawn Mathew George, Director of Professional Services from Xcitium, described their journey from making web certificates two decades back to certifying endpoints’ protection with highly advanced XDR and MDR solutions.

Manas Jha, co-founder of OneHash & Dawn Mathew George, Director Professional Services from Xcitium

Active Participation of Members In Team-Building Activities

The festive ambiance was maintained through the dinner by having the attending members actively participate in exhilarating team-building activities like “Looting the Bank” and “Group Drums Activity,” planned by the ASIRT Board. Nilesh Kadakia, Chairman – ASIRT, presented the vote of thanks to the members and the sponsors for ensuring the event’s success.

ASIRT Members in a celebratory vibe

 ASIRT Members in a festive ambiance

The Finishing Touches

Celebrations over cocktails and dinner followed, concluding the event. The event had a wholesome and cheerful vibe, with the members celebrating solidarity, teamwork, and willingness to grow together. The evening then aptly ended on an optimistic note with a round of hurrahs for everyone!

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