Arrow PC Focus 23

Arrow PC Network Successfully Hosts their Annual Event ‘Focus 23’

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During his presentation, Gurpreet Singh, Founder & MD of Arrow PC Network Pvt. Ltd., reiterated how simplicity helps achieve powerful results.

Arrow PC Network’s recently concluded its annual event- Focus 2023, which emphasized its theme of “focus and simplicity”. During the event, the company shared that Arrow PC Network is now certified by Great Place to Work, which has further led to a sense of confidence amongst partners and customers.

Thought-Provoking Short Film By The Founder

In his presentation, Gurpreet Singh, Founder & MD of Arrow PC Network Pvt. Ltd., reiterated how simplicity helps achieve powerful results. He further played a short film depicting the struggle of a boy trying to toast his bread. The boy kept pushing the toaster lever up and down, getting frustrated, only to realize that he had forgotten to turn on the toaster. The movie depicted how we waste energy by complicating things and overlooking simple solutions. It emphasized the importance of simplicity to achieve one’s goals efficiently. He also played a voice note by Osho, explaining how we often get caught up in the chaos of life, neglecting the simpler things that truly matter. 

Company Introduction

Shrutikant Kapoor, AVP-Sales (IT Infrastructure & Managed Services), introduced the company profile and presented how the organization empowers enterprises worldwide through innovative IT services. He emphasized how Arrow PC Network always strived to stay ahead of the curve and deliver top-notch services to clients.

Powerful Presentations By Dell Technologies

During the event, Shailesh Prasad, a Dell Technologies representative, highlighted how Dell Technologies has been leading the charge in innovation, pushing its boundaries, and providing tailored solutions to meet the client’s needs while extending exceptional services. He threw more light on the company’s efforts to embrace sustainable business practices and environmental stewardship by reducing its carbon footprint and adopting eco-friendly practices. Shailesh concluded by thanking Gurpreet Singh and Arrow PC Network for their support and collaboration. 

Danish Khan from Dell Technologies later captivated the audience with his presentation, explaining how IT has become a booming industry. He highlighted the importance of cyber security, the most crucial part of the digital domain. Danish focused on negligent businesses suffering catastrophic losses, the growing amount and complexity of cyber threats, and the preventive measures needed. 

Other Presentations

Naveen Grover and Taqi Abidi from Sophos took the stage and shared their collaboration with Arrow PC Network while showcasing their customer prospects. Saurav Haldar from Veeam spoke about Veeam’s impressive portfolio, growth, and content customer base. Dhiraj Beri from iValue then wrapped up the event by addressing how iValue keeps up its pace with innovation and dedication towards its partners and customers. 

Employees Awarded For Their Contribution

“Focus 23” was an unforgettable experience, with an impressive lineup of industry stalwarts, their insightful presentations, and a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction amongst the crowd. The event was concluded with Gurpreet Singh and Parvinder Kaur, the Founder & MD and the Director of Arrow PC Network, awarding and felicitating the employees for their outstanding contributions.

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