Alcatel-Lucent Launches a New Desk Phone Series

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Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, the largest supplier of communications, cloud, and network management suited to customers’ sectors, has introduced a new line of digital-ready desk phones.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has innovated a new series of desk phones to satisfy the requirements of a broad range of users, keeping in mind the expansion of work styles like flexible and remote working. The series includes advanced capabilities that enable connections from any location, backed by the cutting-edge technology and a sleek style. 3D audio capture for professional conferences, wireless internet connectivity, an incorporated VPN client for remote working, and a wide color palette and accessories are among the innovations.

“The new Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise desk phones are part of the latest generation of devices that leverage the most advanced technological breakthroughs to give unmatched audio quality,” said Nicolas Brunel, EVP, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Communication Business Division, “Even while working remotely, the desk phones are designed to connect to the enterprise environment. In combination with our communication servers and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s cloud-based Rainbow UCaaS platform, their design and superior capabilities make them a vital component of any digital workplace.”

This desk phone line is divided into three categories:

  • Basic: This desk phone is connected with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise communication equipment and offers complete telephonic commercial capabilities owing to its concise form and SIP networking.
  • Essential: A sleek design, superb sound quality, and a distinctive connection phone that allows for hybridized digital and IP connectivity.
  • Enterprise: Features a flexible, attractive design, unrivalled 360°audio quality, and personalization kits in four different colors. These desk phones come with a variety of connectivity options, making them excellent for both workplace and distant working environments.

The new desk phones complement Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s communications solutions offering, which was recently enhanced by the debut of the OmniPCX Enterprise Purple communications platform. The announcement is one of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s Digital Age Communications (DAC) strategic plan, which is built around three pillars:

  • The digital workplace: Allowing workers to function from anywhere (at the workplace, at home, or online), with clear communication, teamwork, and customer support, and cloud-based solutions accessible at any time and from any device.
  • Communications as a driver of business agility: Integrating everything (people, applications, and objects) to improve traditional corporate interactions, speedy judgment, streamline business processes, and detect possible incidents ahead of time.
  • Flexible cloud-model solutions and architecture: Businesses can choose the optimal strategy to assist their transition in terms of money, timescale, and objectives, ranging from corporate premises to a full cloud solution (private, public, or hybrid).
  • These desk phones from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise can be acquired through the company’s partner ecosystem.

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